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     Second Trimester

     As you know, many of the activities planned for the three marking periods at Walnut Avenue School are organized around themes related to a central global theme of “It’s a Small World”. 

     The theme for the second trimester is CELEBRATING DIFFERENCES.  Activities presented within this theme are aimed at reinforcing a myriad of multi-cultural topics.  Through literature, social studies, art, and music, children are led to discover that each of us is special and that the differences of race, religion, and culture make for a richer world.  The central awareness stressed here will be that we must all resist the tendency to judge cultures or customs which are different from our own as being wrong or odd.  Indeed, if we learn to look deeper we will eventually see that our differences really only serve to underscore the fundamental humanity we all have in common.

    The culminating activity for this theme will be our International Food Festival.  Each year we invite parents to send in a small dish representative of your ethnic background or family traditions.  These are set out for the children to sample during the afternoon hours.  Left-overs are donated to community service organizations for distribution to seniors and/ or the needy in our area.  Right now, our festival is planned for Monday, March 20Look for a notice to be sent home in late February providing details about the festival and soliciting your assistance.


     Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or call the school office if you have questions about this project or our thematic activities.


    Thanks again for helping to make Walnut Avenue School an exciting place for children to learn and grow.





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