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    Second Grade


    The Walnut Avenue School theme for the second trimester is “Celebrating Our Differences”.   The teachers have already launched this theme with a variety of literature and writing activities.  A continuation of map and geography skills is a natural segue to this topic.  A cumulative activity for second grade students will be to research their own family ancestry and heritage and share this research with their classmates.   They will also create 3-D dolls dressed in traditional clothes depicted by the country they researched. The dolls will be displayed to decorate the gym during our annual food festival celebrated in March.   In addition, the second grade students will practice and perform a song and dance during the festival. 

    Second graders continue to enjoy the “Reader’s Workshop” program.  The current unit of study is “Getting to Know Characters and Their Stories.”  Children will not only focus on the importance of characters in fictional stories but will delve deeper into character’s actions, feelings, and character traits.

    After the completion of our character study unit we will begin a new unit “Shoring Up on Foundational Skills”.  As students become more proficient readers they will read books with more challenging vocabulary while focusing on accuracy, fluency and meaning.  Children will practice these skills in both fiction and non-fiction (informational text) books.  Both of these units will be tied into the  “Writer’s Workshop” program.

    Teachers continue to use the Orton-Gillingham scope and sequence to drive our spelling lists and phonics rules.  The goal is to have students remember and apply these rules into their everyday writing.

    In math the students will continue to practice the mental math addition strategies taught and relate them to addition and subtraction problems with and without regrouping.  They will be solving many different types of word problems as they apply the strategies learned. Problem solving skills and data analysis will be integrated into these topics.  Parents can help students review and gain additional practice by logging onto the enVision website using your child’s password provided in the letter included in the report card envelope.  This not only allows students to review previous lessons taught but also provides additional practice with grade appropriate games.

    In science the students will continue to use inquiry skills as they identify and study many different types of habitats. They will explore the ways in which plants and animals in ecosystems depend on each other for survival. This unit always sparks excitement and high interest with second grade students. We will be working on a habitat diorama project or bulletin board displays as a culminating activity for this unit.